Cookies Cream & Partners

Our partners are more than just suppliers, they are colleagues and friends who have become an essential part of us. They may be local, seasonal, vegan, and innovative, and they all contribute a bit of their magic to make Cookies Cream special. 

Since 2012, we have proudly served our culinary creations on beautifully designed dishes crafted by Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (KPM). 

After 12 years of usage our plates needed an upgrade so instead of buying new ones KPM offered to revive them, re-firing our entire set of plates. This process rejuvenated our beloved tableware, making them look brand new without the need for replacements. 

By melting the upper glaze, KPM not only breathed new life into our plates but also did it in a way that aligns with our mutual commitment to reducing waste.

The products of Peter Janoth’s garden in Krielow have been part of our kitchens for a long time and he is considered one of our team members. Peter provides our restaurants with vegetables and herbs every year from March to October.

He doesn’t just grow vegetables and herbs; he is interested in “the honest things” and only cultivates crops that he enjoys and finds fascinating. He constantly experiments and tries new things. 

Peter bravely tackles the supreme disciplines of growing tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, and wild herbs. Much like our chefs, he works with passion. His products stand out—they’re special, exotic and versatile. 

Originally from Italy, Massimo imports top-quality fresh truffles. In the world of fine dining, particularly among Michelin-starred chefs, there is an unwavering commitment to using only the finest fresh truffles, eschewing truffle oil to ensure the highest quality and authenticity in every dish. 

Massimo skillfully sources the finest white truffles from Italy and black truffles from France, Spain, and Italy, ensuring they are harvested during their peak season from late October to December. This meticulous timing guarantees an intense aroma for the truffles, capturing the essence of luxury in every bite.

Located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Markthalle Neun stands as one of the few surviving historical market halls from the 19th century. 

Its traditional weekly market features fresh vegetables and primarily seasonal food sourced from Berlin and Brandenburg. 

We source fair and organic, regional, and ecologically produced products, transitioning from the concept of small-scale offerings to our restaurants.

Yannic Pöpperling, Felix Rank, and Walker Brengel began experimenting in 2019 and fermented a masterpiece in a bottle, Kombucha. Our  collaboration began because we sought to introduce a novel alternative to alcohol-free pairing.

Bouche has developed exclusive product collaborations with us, each one with its own unique ingredients and taste. They carefully choose original and locally sourced ingredients and they ferment their drinks naturally using live bacterial cultures. 

In an artisan fermentation process, a natural, vegan, low-sugar and alcohol-free soft drink is created that is based on bioactive compounds.

Mimi Ferments, founded by Markus Shimizu in 2017 in Berlin-Wedding, utilizes traditional Japanese methods to produce miso, soy sauce, mirin, and other selected products. These are highly appreciated by numerous chefs.

The ingredients are of particular importance; therefore, they use only organically certified ingredients and regionally produced raw products sourced directly from farmers.

Their principle is to produce natural, healthy, and tasty products without using any additives, opting instead for natural fermentation and ample time. Some of their products even require several years to mature.

Andraschko Kaffeemanufaktur, founded in 2006 by Willy and Elisabeth Andraschko, stems from a lifelong passion for coffee that began in their youth in Vienna. There, they developed a deep connection to the city’s renowned coffee houses. In 1979, they established the first Viennese coffee house in Berlin and have since been committed to using only the highest quality coffee.

Andraschko specialises in producing small batches of high-quality, interesting coffee varieties, personally selected by the Andraschkos from farms in Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sumatra, and Costa Rica. Direct trade and fair pricing form the foundation of their philosophy.

Peter began experimenting with Glühwein while working at a wine shop, crafting a unique recipe for White Glühwein and developing his own essence to ensure every cup was perfect.

Jürgen, on the other hand, plunged into the world of vinegar, eager to capture exciting new flavours through complex fermentation processes.

Their paths crossed when Peter’s expanding Glühwein venture led him to Jürgen’s kitchen, igniting a partnership fueled by their mutual love for culinary arts and handmade goods. Committed to enhancing Berlin’s culinary landscape, they strive to create unique flavors.

Beba Baxter is the wizard behind the vegan cheese delights gracing our plates. She’s got a knack for turning cashews and almonds into cheesy goodness, and we can’t get enough of it. 

Her journey into the art of fermenting cashews and almonds has led to an extraordinary range of vegan cheeses, from the popular Bockshorntaler and almond pepper to the unique smoked cheese, she’s got something for every palate. 

Committed to sustainability and quality, Beba ensures all her products are organic and fair trade, sourcing her cashews directly from farmers.

You can find her on Instagram @bebaveganbaxter

Founded by Veronica García Arteaga and supported by the Fraunhofer Institut in Freising, Bavaria, Neggst was developed as a complete egg replacement product made entirely of natural ingredients, without any chicken involved. 

The soy- and gluten-free formula is crafted from a blend of legumes, sweet potato, and vegetable oil, fortified with vitamin B12 and vitamin D. This fiber-rich alternative to eggs not only closely resembles the taste and appearance of eggs but also boasts a similar nutrient profile. Whether boiled, fried, or baked, it’s ‘eggcellent’ in any form.