At Cookies Cream, our expertly curated wine selection complements our 7-course menu, offering the option of an exquisite wine pairing, a mixed pairing with alcohol-free alternatives or an entirely alcohol-free pairing. Our sommelier team, led by Jan Wienecke and Camille Darroux, has skillfully selected a range of European wines, balancing sustainability with renowned vineyards.

Our collection focuses on white wines from Germany, Austria, and France, chosen for their compatibility with our dishes, and lighter reds from these regions for their excellent pairing with our vegetarian cuisine.

We take pride in our natural wine selection, including white, rosé, and red options, mainly from Europe, with a growing emphasis on Germany and Austria. Our sparkling wines, predominantly from these two countries, stand alongside classic Champagnes for all celebrations.

Join us at Cookies Cream for a wine experience that blends tradition, innovation, and the finest flavours of Europe, each bottle telling its unique story.