Cookies Cream & Team

Established in 2007 by Cookie Heinz Gindullis, Cookies Cream has carved out a unique niche in Berlin’s culinary scene. Tucked away in a Behrenstrasse backyard, the entrance exudes a speakeasy vibe, opening up to a dining experience that consistently celebrates fresh vegetables.

Under the guidance of Chef Stephan Hentschel, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star in 2018, which it still retains. With the recent appointment of Nicholas Hahn as the new head chef, the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability has only grown stronger. Seasonal vegetables are primarily sourced from March to September from a dedicated garden in Krielow, Brandenburg, while during the winter months, we rely on fermented winter roots and organically sourced produce.

A creative wine selection complements the 7-course menu, offering the option of an exquisite wine or alcohol-free pairing. The sommelier team, led by Jan Wienecke and Camille Darroux, has selected a range of European wines, balancing sustainability with renowned vineyards.

With a spirit that is both dynamic and respectful of its roots, Cookies Cream stands as a testament to innovation, quality, and the true essence of Berlin.

Cookie Heinz Gindullis

Cookie Heinz Gindullis is more than just a name; he’s a pioneering force in Berlin’s gastronomic scene.

Born in London, Cookie’s adventurous spirit led him to Berlin in 1992 at the tender age of 17 years old. Starting humbly as a dishwasher, he quickly made a mark, hosting unique parties on the unexpected nights of Tuesdays and Thursdays leading him to open the legendary Cookies Club. Yet, one of Cookie’s boldest moves was opening Cookies Cream, a vegetarian fine dining restaurant in Berlin long before the trend took off, showcasing his forward-thinking approach and dedication to innovative cuisine. 

In 2014, he transformed Cookies Club into today’s trendy and atmospheric restaurant, Crackers. Recognized for his trailblazing contributions, Cookie was honoured with Berlin’s Meisterköche ‘Gastronomy Innovation’ award in November 2022. 

With his fingers always on the city’s gastronomic and nightlife pulse, Cookie stands as a testament to innovation, continuous growth, and a passion that keeps reinventing Berlin’s culinary narrative.

Nicholas Hahn

Nicholas Hahn is the star of our kitchen.

After a gastronomic journey across borders, he joined Cookies Cream in August 2023. With over 23 years of fine dining expertise, Nicholas has infused our menu with a dynamic blend of creativity and sophistication, turning it into an artful selection of delectable dishes. As the head chef at Cookies Cream, he is mastering the art of vegan and vegetarian delights while fostering creativity within his team, and ensuring that Cookies Cream remains at the forefront of Berlin’s culinary renaissance.

Championing a sustainable approach to cooking, Nicholas emphasizes the importance of local partnerships and ethical sourcing. His dedication to sustainability extends to mastering techniques like fermentation, which not only elevate the flavors of our dishes but also underscore our commitment to mindful, eco-friendly practices. Through Nicholas’s leadership, we continue to explore new horizons in plant-based cuisine, ensuring that every visit to Cookies Cream is an encounter with the future of dining.

In March 2024, Nicholas earned his first Michelin star with us. His contribution has reinforced Cookies Cream’s status in Berlin’s competitive dining landscape, promising a future where sustainability and culinary excellence go hand in hand.

Anne Cremer

Meet Anne Cremer, the vibrant new manager at Cookies Cream.

Hailing from Belgium, Anne first set foot in Cookies Cream in 2021 as a part of the service team. Her journey in the gastronomy world began at the tender age of 15, marking the start of a lifelong passion for service and hospitality. Anne’s adventure took her to Iceland, where she honed her skills as a sommelier in a fine dining restaurant, further enriching her understanding and love for the world of wines and refined service.

Drawn to Berlin’s dynamic pulse, Anne is captivated by Berlin’s unique blend of creativity, diversity, and energy, resonating with her spirit. Her approach to gastronomy is deeply rooted in her desire to make people happy. She finds joy in the diversity and creativity of her job, always aiming to craft memorable experiences for guests. Her favorite aspect of her role at Cookies Cream is the opportunity to welcome guests and be a part of their dining experience, ensuring that every visit leaves a lasting, joyful memory.

At Cookies Cream, Anne is most inspired by her team, who push her to excel everyday. 

Her diverse experiences in the world of gastronomy, have culminated in her role as the manager of Cookies Cream. With her natural leadership, ever-present smile, and commitment to guest satisfaction, Anne is set to steer Cookies Cream to new heights, promising an unforgettable dining experience for every guest who walks through its doors.

Camille Darroux

Meet Camille Darroux, our exceptional assistant sommelier at Cookies Cream, whose Parisian roots are as refined as her palate.

Drawn to Berlin’s magnetic pull, she discovered her true calling in the complex and captivating world of wines. In her blossoming career of less than two years, Camille has already distinguished herself, securing the prestigious Ruinart Sommelier Challenge, a testament to her dedication and burgeoning expertise.

Camille’s passion for wine transcends accolades; she thrives on enhancing our guests’ celebrations, guiding them to the perfect wine pairing that elevates both the meal and the moment. Her collaboration with Jan, our head sommelier, has been instrumental in creating an all-European wine menu that balances sustainability with selections from renowned vineyards. Together, they focus on white wines from Germany, Austria, and France for their compatibility with our dishes, and lighter reds from these regions, known for their excellent pairing with our vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

Camille’s charm, skill, and spirited approach to selecting the finest wines are the perfect complement to the innovative dining experience at Cookies Cream.

Armen Arakelyan-Kamprad

Meet Armen, our charismatic floor manager at Cookies Cream!

Hailing from Armenia he found his second home in Berlin and has been an integral part of our team since 2018. His genuine warmth and infectious energy set the tone for an unforgettable dining experience.

Armen is not just about providing impeccable service; he’s a true performer on and off the dining floor. Known for his legendary dance moves, Armen brings a unique and lively atmosphere to our restaurant. With his ever-present smile and joyful demeanor, he transforms each visit into a memorable celebration.

When you dine at Cookies Cream, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re experiencing the magic Armen creates. Swing by, say hello, and let Armen elevate your evening with his charm and enthusiasm. He’s not just a member of our team; he’s the life of Cookies Cream.